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Wonder if there is a correlation between this and this. Duh? Folks, if your values and ethics and worldview is the same as the world’s, then you are obsolete to the world. If there is no difference, the world simply will ask, “Why bother?” Now, we aren’t pragmatists. We don’t hold a certain worldview or ethical standard as different from the world just to get their attention or attendance. We do it because it is Scriptural and right. But, geesh, you’d think at some point liberal mainline denominations would see the trend. Yeah, I get that conservative denominations are decreasing as well, at least somewhat. (Though that is debatable according to some measuring sticks.) But, not like the lefties.


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Sometimes if you want to see the culture’s values, just look at the church (I use that last word loosely). This is quite possibly the worst case of interpretational gymnastics that I have ever seen. It’s one of those things where I just don’t know where to begin: conforming to culture, hypertolerance, academic dishonesty, logical inconsistency (I mean, if you can make the text say what she made it say, then how would she have any basis of disputing any interpretation I had. If there is no fixed meaning in the text, no authorial intent, you can make it say anything you want. And then, you can’t possibly disagree with my disagreement of your interpretation. Plus, from a purely philosophical standpoint, she claims that the embracing of differences is salvation and that different does not mean wrong. What if different means intolerance? What if my disagreement with her is a difference? What if being different means rejecting homosexuality as a morally acceptable lifestyle? Will she and others like her embrace my difference and call it salvation? The intolerance of tolerance is one of the most intellectually dishonest positions one can find and the only way it has received so much acceptation is because it simply allows a person the freedom they desire to do with their lives as they want. That’s the only way you can hold to such a position. Don’t call it virtue. Call it selfish desire.), salvation by works, gospel-less Christianity, etc.

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Thought these two posts might be interesting to you. BTW, you might want to sign up for the Gospel Coalition’s email updates.

Ten important stories to follow

Book list … (consider this my Tuesday touts)

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i, pencil

Check this out. It’s a good apologetic for capitalism and divine providence … and why we are at it, a good reason to be thankful.

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Here are a couple of more articles to read:

a post-election hangover

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An excerpt from a sermon on Luke 6:27-36:

That’s why there are a multitude of verses in the Bible (like Romans 12:2) telling us over and over that God’s people are to believe and live differently than those who are not God’s people. Our values and priorities and actions should be different; and for our purposes this morning, the way we treat others, specifically, our enemies, should be different.

And it should be because we have a supernatural power at work in us. The Spirit of God lives in us. God’s Spirit has changed us and indwells us, thus enabling us to do unnatural things and those unnatural things look less like speaking in strange tongues or miraculously healing the sick and more like offering someone your left cheek when they strike your right one. That’s not to denigrate the miraculous … I just think it’s more supernatural to seek the salvation of those who wish you were dead. I just think it’s more amazing to seek the welfare of those who do not and maybe never will seek yours. I just think it’s more miraculous to love those with a sacrificial love who will never repay you, not with a self-serving love. It is certainly different.

And see, we are to be different because WE ARE different. Do you see it? Jesus says, “You will be sons of the Most High!” Now I don’t think v35 means “Ah, if just seek the welfare of those who don’t seek mine, then God will accept me and love me as his child; then he will take me into his family.” No! That’s a backwards gospel. The gospel says “because God loves you, live this way.” Do you see? It’s not, “If I do this, God will accept me into his family.” No, it’s “Since God has made me his son or daughter (see v36 – they have a Father) I AM and CAN live this way.”

Why can I? I can because I have a Father who loves me and never, ever will nor can He fail to give me all the benefits of his house.

So, when someone comes and takes this from me or asks this of me and I know they will take more and never return it … I can. Why? Because I have a Father who “will never let his righteous ones be forsaken or beg for bread … who withholds no good thing” from his children,  who gave himself for his people and thus will graciously and freely give them all things, who will work all things together for our good in Christ. I don’t have to be stingy and I don’t have to fight for more, more, more.

And when my enemy comes and hurts me and I know that he will probably hurt me again, I can love them. I can. Why? Because I have a Father who loves me so I don’t need others to love me for me to be happy or safe. [Are you saying we don’t need others to love us? Sure we do. But we need the right kind of people and the right kind of love and our Father provides that for us in His church, our family, our brothers and sisters.] Listen to this:

1 John 3:2 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

Did you notice that the last sentence speaks of this built-in friction between believers and unbelievers? Nevermind, see what kind of love the Father has given us! Doesn’t matter! He loves us!

Don’t you understand? The more I grasp how much my Father loves me and what it means to his son, the less selfish, the less protective of my rights and things, the less stingy, the more free I am to love, the more unafraid I am to love others.

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