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Wonder if there is a correlation between this and this. Duh? Folks, if your values and ethics and worldview is the same as the world’s, then you are obsolete to the world. If there is no difference, the world simply will ask, “Why bother?” Now, we aren’t pragmatists. We don’t hold a certain worldview or ethical standard as different from the world just to get their attention or attendance. We do it because it is Scriptural and right. But, geesh, you’d think at some point liberal mainline denominations would see the trend. Yeah, I get that conservative denominations are decreasing as well, at least somewhat. (Though that is debatable according to some measuring sticks.) But, not like the lefties.


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I’ve read John 14:6 many a time but don’t know if I have thought of Jesus, the truth, in exactly this way. Once, McCheyne proves to be very insightful and helpful to my soul.

But let Christ be revealed to an unconverted soul,—let it not be merely a man speaking about Christ unto him, but let the Spirit of God reveal Him,— and there is revealed, not a truth, but the truth. You put the key-stone into the arch of truth; you restore the sun to the centre of the system. All truth becomes orderly and serviceable in that mind.

Now He knows the truth with regard to himself. Did the Son of God really leave the bosom of the Father to bear wrath in our stead?— then I must be under wrath. Did the Lord Jesus become a servant, that He might obey the will of God instead of sinners?—then I must be without any righteousness,—a child of disobedience.

Again, knowing Christ, he knows the truth with regard to God. Did God freely give up his Son to the death for us all?—then, if I believe in Jesus, there is no condemnation to me. God is my Father, and God is love.

My friends, have you seen Christ, who is the truth? Has He been revealed to you, not by flesh and blood, but by the Spirit of our God? Then you know how true it is that in Him “are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,”—that He is the “Alpha and Omega,” the beginning and the ending of all knowledge. But if you have not seen Christ, then you know nothing yet as you ought to know; all your knowledge is like a bridge without a key-stone,—like a system without a sun. What good will it do you in hell that you knew all the sciences in the world, all the events of history, and all the busy politics of your little day? Do you not know that your very knowledge will be turned into an instrument of torture in hell? Oh, how will you wish in that day that you had read your newspaper less and your Bible more,—that with all your getting, you had got understanding,—that with all your knowledge, you had known the Saviour, whom to know is life everlasting!

I would have loved for him to develop the two thoughts that I put in bold a little more, but you and I can do that. Once you see Christ, you then begin to see so much more truth about God, yourself, others, life, and more … all things. And this is not useless knowledge, nor is it temporary, but life-giving truth.

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Just know that Calvin & Hobbes was making fun of you and hinting that it might not be a good thing a long time ago.


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Sometimes if you want to see the culture’s values, just look at the church (I use that last word loosely). This is quite possibly the worst case of interpretational gymnastics that I have ever seen. It’s one of those things where I just don’t know where to begin: conforming to culture, hypertolerance, academic dishonesty, logical inconsistency (I mean, if you can make the text say what she made it say, then how would she have any basis of disputing any interpretation I had. If there is no fixed meaning in the text, no authorial intent, you can make it say anything you want. And then, you can’t possibly disagree with my disagreement of your interpretation. Plus, from a purely philosophical standpoint, she claims that the embracing of differences is salvation and that different does not mean wrong. What if different means intolerance? What if my disagreement with her is a difference? What if being different means rejecting homosexuality as a morally acceptable lifestyle? Will she and others like her embrace my difference and call it salvation? The intolerance of tolerance is one of the most intellectually dishonest positions one can find and the only way it has received so much acceptation is because it simply allows a person the freedom they desire to do with their lives as they want. That’s the only way you can hold to such a position. Don’t call it virtue. Call it selfish desire.), salvation by works, gospel-less Christianity, etc.

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If you want some info on the supreme court case regarding the legalization of homosexual marriage, here’s an article (BTW, I highly encourage you to subscribe to this to catch up on the news and culture.) Here’s Mohler’s own article. Think of what is at stake with all of this: (1) the deleterious effects of the legalization of homosexual marriage on a society; (2) the redefinition of marriage that is taking place; (3) the threat this is to religious freedom (I am not a conspiracy theorist or Fox News watcher or Limbaugh listener, but I can see where this will eventually lead for those churches that speak out or will not perform said weddings or allow such weddings to be performed at their church); and (4) once again, as these justices say themselves in this artilce, the amazing power of nine people to decide for the American people what is best for them (I just thought that was what the whole American system of government was trying to avoid with that checks and balances thingy … I thought I got an “A” in history and democracy in high school; maybe I missed something).

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Thought these two posts might be interesting to you. BTW, you might want to sign up for the Gospel Coalition’s email updates.

Ten important stories to follow

Book list … (consider this my Tuesday touts)

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Now, read the full quote:

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” (C. S. Lewis)

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